How To Take your VR Experience Global with TechCrunch Disrupt SF and Viond

Jun 8, 2018 5:34:40 PM / by Viond

TechCrunch Viond Hackathon

How to participate in the TechCrunch Global Hackathon with Viond

Together with TechCrunch we are launching our first international creative hackathon aimed at you, the designer, the hacker, the marketer, the agency.

Follow the steps below to create and submit your experience

You have time to create and submit your project from now until August 2nd, 2018 at 5:00pm (ET).

To sign up please fill out the form provided on and register on After filling out the signup form on our website we will send you a link to the Viond Builder via email. You can download it for free and start creating your 360°/VR experience.


The rules are simple:

• The theme is: Never been there, never done that - #VRBucketList
• Create your 360° content (photos or videos) in any way you like, but use the Viond platform to create the interactive experience
• Be sure to hold the rights to your submitted content
• Build an interactive experience with more than 1 node
• Add as much interactivity as possible to increase your winning chances


Find more info about how to create an experience with the Viond Builder with our 

• User Documentation  

• Quick Guide 

Tutorial Videos 


Viond Builder - Create AccountUserPortal - Create AccountTo submit your 360°/VR experience you need to create a Viond account. You can do so in the “Management & Publish” part of the Builder or via the “Log In” button on the website
Log in to the User Portal with your Viond account and select the “TC Hackathon” license (via the “License” tab). It is free to use for the Hackathon.
Now that you have a license go back to the Builder, login to the “Management & Publish” part with your account and create a slot for your 360°/VR experience. Insert a title, author name/s and a short description text. Please make sure to include #VRBucketList in the description text.
Upload a preview image and your experience project (rf360 file). Ensure that everything is set and displayed correctly by previewing your final draft.
Click on “Publish Request” to submit your experience to the Viond jury.
They will review it and announce the winner of the Hackathon on social media by mid-August 2018.
Have fun!



Written by Viond